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Kathe Kruse doll Du Mein Greta 50201

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Du Mein is a lovely baby who looks so adorable in her white festive dress. The doll stands 20 inches tall and is hand-stuffed with reindeer hair. The arms and legs are loosely sewn to the body. The cloth head is made in a structure that is inspired by Du Mein dolls of the 1920 and is firmly swen to the body. The eyes and hair are hand-painted with fine detail. Greta wears a white dress with a wollen top and woolen shoes. She also wears a lovely bonnet. Greta is limited to only 125 dolls worldwide
length 50 cm

Art-Nr.: KaXPu00050201
Her-Nr: 50201#
Käthe Kruse
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sizesize (UK)size(FR)agebodybreastwaist hip
  [cm][cm][cm] [cm]
500m.0m.0 month50434343
561m.1m.1 month56454545
623m.3m.3 month62474747
686m.6m.6 month68494849
749m.9m.9 month74514951
8011a.12 month80535053
8611a.18 month86545154
9222a.24 month92555256
9822a.30 month98565358
10433a.3 years104575460
11044a.4 years110585562
11655a.5 years116595664
12266a.6 years122625867
12877a.7 years128655970
13488a.8 years134686173
14099a.9 years140716276
1461010a.10 years146746479
1521111a.11 years152776583
1581111a.11 years158786684
1641212a.12 years164806886
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