Finkid summer barefoot shoes SANKARI raspberry/fox

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This summer shoe SANKARI from FINKID is equipped with a barefoot function. The shoes have a particularly soft and elastic outsole. The generous toe area offers enough freedom of movement. They are softly padded to prevent chafing or pressure. The material is breathable and water and protective repellent. The light summer shoe can be closed with elastic laces. Loops on the heel make it easier to put on. Reflectors on the sides result in better visibility in the dark.

- water and dirt repellent
- Breathable
- Barefoot function
- wide toe box
- Toe protection

Upper material: leather, polyester/PU
Inner material: 90% polyurethane (recycled), 10% polyester
Outsole: 100% synthetic rubber (20% recycled)
Not washable. Clean surface with damp cloth.
Not suitable for the dryer.
Art-Nr.: Fd00194222218
Her-Nr: 8000194-222218-34
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